Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to Convert Cold Calls into Hot Candidates

Jim is the best recruiter at LNM, a division of a Fortune 500 company.
Karen is a strong marketing manager who is not looking for a job. Jim found Karen's name on ZoomInfo, and he is now cold calling her to explore the possibility of considering her for the position.

The Opening
Jim: Hi Karen. My name is Jim Howard. I'm a recruiter with LMN and I'm leading a search for a senior-level marketing executive. Your name was brought to my attention as someone I should contact regarding this assignment. Since I have you on the line, let me just ask you very openly, would you personally be open to exploring a new career opportunity if it were clearly superior to what you're doing today?

Opening Scenario One:
No reluctance. Karen: Yes! Of course. (75% of candidates say this without qualifications.)
Jim: Great. Before we get too serious on this, let me ask you a few short questions about your background. Then I'll give you a quick overview of the position. Based on this, if it makes mutual sense to proceed, we'll schedule a convenient time to talk later in more detail. (Here, Jim will start to conduct the work history review below. Very few candidates will object.)

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