Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook in Recruiting Training Class

Watch our "Facebook in Recruiting" training class.

What we covered:
- Connecting with Candidates and Clients without risk
- Organizing your friends
- Market your business and open Positions
- Integrate and connect your recruiting database or ATS
- Legalities

He have an introductory offer for this training class at $29.95.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

How a Recruiter made 3 hires with Twitter in 6 weeks

Hire #1
I posted my first requirement for a .Net developer and (I’d have to check my Twitter diary to be certain…and yes, I kept one…stop laughing. No, seriously. Stop.) waited for any sign of life on the other end. It seemed like 17 minutes went by (again, that’s in the diary) and then finally, someone RT’d (“retweeted” for all you newbies) my Tweet. “Holy crap!,” I thought, “This is working.”

Eventually, I had several people retweeting my post that day and by the end of the day, I had five referrals, three interviews, and…wouldn’t you know it…a placement…with a great .Net talent I never would have known otherwise. This is when I started to really believe in the power of Twitter. The fact that this candidate saw my Tweet because someone I didn’t know reposted it blew my mind. I was addicted. So addicted now, in fact, that even as I write this blog post, I am Tweeting about it…well, that and how my dog smells like corn chips.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

WorldConcert named to HRO Today's RPO Bakers Dozen

In these turbulent economic times it is often difficult to find good news to share. Today we are writing to share some very exciting news about our organization. WorldConcert, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) division of WorldBridge Partners was named to the HRO Today 2009 RPO Bakers Dozen List for enterprise customers. The Bakers Dozen list is considered by HRO Today to be the "flagship product of the survey" singling out the "top providers in RPO."

We are very excited by this achievement as it is voted on by our clients. WorldConcert has provided services from workforce planning and overall recruitment management to social networking and onboarding to our clients.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Twitter Statistics

–Among the most active Twitter users with more than 50,000 followers, we find singer Tyrese (@tyrese4real), actress Alyssa Milano (@alyssa_milano), celebrity Tila Tequila (@officialtila), tv host Jonathan Ross (@wossy) and evangelist Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki).

–60.6% of the most active Twitter users live in the United States, while 6.9% are located in the U.K, 4.7% in Japan, and 4.3% in Canada.

–The split between genders among the most active Twitter users is fairly balanced with 54% male, 46% female.

–88% of the most active Twitter users have never missed a day without making at least one update, while another 2.1% have only been inactive for one day.

–48% have more than 100 followers, compared with 6.3% for overall Twitter users.

–33.7% of the most active Twitter users have joined Twitter this year, compared with 72.5% of overall Twitter users who have signed up this year

–The most popular keywords within bios of active users are Internet marketing, music lover, Web designer, video games, and husband/father.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Marketing in a Recession

Did you know?

- Kraft introduced Miracle Whip in 1933. Through both radio and newspaper ads, it became the top salad dressing in the United States.

- In 1933, Proctor & Gamble went on the radio with the first soap opera – “Ma Perkins,” sponsored by Oxydol. P&G was so satisfied with the sales increase, they went on to introduce “Vic and Sadie” for Crisco, “O’Niells” for Ivory Soap and “Forever Young” for Camay. By 1939 the Cincinnati-based company was sponsoring 21 radio programs. It doubled its radio-advertising budget every two years during the Depression.

- Apple introduced the IPod in 2001, around the bottom of the last recession. Apple is a master of viral marketing. We all know what happened to the Apple’s profits as a result. In addition, Apple has used the cache built by IPod to increase its market in areas such as laptop computers.

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Signs of hope seen in job market

Tom Wieder, an executive recruiter for banking, said he's seen some big players start to replace key people and "organizations that were in complete lockdown mode” move from "a hiring freeze to a hiring frost.” Certainly, layoffs continue, but "people don't necessarily understand that hiring is going in through the other door,” said Wieder, managing partner for the financial services group of WorldBridge Partners in Baldwin.

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