Monday, September 21, 2009

How important is Technology for Recruiters?

We posted following question on LinkedIn and would like to share with you some insightful answers.

How important do you think is Technology in Recruiting? Can a Recruiter drive more revenue with using the right tools or is only the phone time important? We would love to find out how Recruiters feel right now about technology (their database, social media, mobile devices...).


Simon Masters - Trayport Ltd
Nothing can replace the understanding, the rapport, and the details gained by talking directly to someone, which in turn will help a succesful recruiter understand a client or candidate better.
However the increased take-up of on-line social media tools (such as Linkedin), and the increased functionality of a recruiter's database, now mean that the use of technology is now not only ingrained, but also integral to their long term success.
By the very reliance on an ever increasing range of technology based tools, it is easy to conclude that while not "essential" to recruit, they can easily be attributed to a to driving a increase in revenue.
Personally we have recently moved from an ever-growing number of spreadhseets to track our recruitment activity, to a third party software application which has meant more comprehensive storage of data that is far easier to access, and in turn allows us to maintain an efficient and effective recruitment process.

Davies Howell
How important? Important if the technology frees one up to make more phone calls. You can drive some incremental business with the right technology but the danger is getting caught up in the technology and not developing personal relationships. Nothing replaces talking to people and separting yourself from the pack.

Jeremy Sisemore - SearchPath International
#1 - Phones & Live Conversations will always be the most powerful. However, those that understand how to capitalize on social media will better build their brand & reputation in the marketplace. Furthermore, they may make a few easier placements along the way! I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN - but try to stay away if I'm focusing on "Revenue Generating Activity". It's the research or marketing phase of my business.

Steve Brainard
Technology has changed the way we communicate, so recruiters need to adapt accordingly. The challenge, in my opinion, is to strike a balance between being 'fad-driven', while not embracing the status quo. With all the chatter surrounding social media, it is easy to get lost in low value tweeting, blogging, etc., and forget that recruiting is about developing relationships with talented candidates. Not everyone has the time or desire to join the social media frenzy, so good recruiters will continue to attend networking events, make phone calls, ask for referrals.... while incorporating the tech tools that work for their industry and personality. Fads will come and go but branding and relationship building will stand the test of time. It's all about the relationships recruiters forge with their candidates and clients. Technology definitely helps streamline certain processes and makes recruiters more visible, but if not managed properly, can be a major distraction and magnet for low/no value activities. Simply having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace does not equal ROI.

Guy Battaglia
Ever since we had to record all the brands and flavors of SW, Platforms, Databases, GUI tools, modeling tools, industry and level of these skills, technology has been huge in managing how we parse through the fields of selected candidates. Likewise, the collection of user data for clients, hiring managers, trends and resources and of course, complex, multi skilled profiles would be devastating with out it.
I started recruiting in 1988 and the first advancement that I saw that changed the landscape of recruiting for ever was the convergence of the fax machine. Merely 5 years later, it was replaced by email.
Tell me how you can get anything done today with out the help of technology? Social media is another example of the magic we are addicted to.

Dan Young
I am a firm believer that a recruiter will see increased success in almost all arenas with superior technical tools. Solid ATS's and support from the organization for the use of social media sites in collaboration with your marketing group can really interest candidates and reach a lot more passive candidates than you can spending 5 or 6 hours on the phone each day. I believe embracing technology will allow recruiters to reach new levels.

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