Thursday, May 7, 2009

ERE Social Recruiting Summit is sold out.

ERE is holding the Social Recruiting Summit 2009 conference June 15 at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. As of today, the event is sold out. However, live streaming video of the conference will be available.

WorldBridge has tickets and is joining. We are looking forward to this event and will give you feedback.

ERE felt this was the opportune time to have a conference - the first of its kind - about social recruiting. Social media is rapidly becoming more than just a tool for recruiters and is an important part of the future of talent acquisition.
“So far, the most exciting part about the Social Recruiting Summit is that we promoted it almost entirely through social media,” Scott Baxt, director of marketing at ERE, said. “We are eating the dog food, so to speak, and it tastes good.”

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