Thursday, May 28, 2009

Make your call exciting

Make your calls exciting!

Nothing worse than the same old script and the same old question to which you have heard the same old answer at least a hundred times. Ask a question for which you have no answer. If you have a situation that you are trying to improve or a problem that you can’t solve, simply ask a question for which you have no real answer. When you don’t have an answer, you’ll be forced to find one. That’s when you’ll start stretching your imagination and finding answers that you never suspected had existed. Do you really know everything about the industry you are in, the new product or service that is mentioned in emails and news letters... maybe not? So, why don't you find out? Mix your recruiting and marketing calls with something that is exciting and strives your call plan. You can set out challenges with colleagues to find the exact explanation of a new tool or gadget without searching the web. Who finds out first, wins!

Not only the end result, as in $$$... also the way to it should be fun!

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